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San Diego Soccer Club’s TOPSoccer Program Information 

Welcome to our SDSC TOPSoccer Program!

We welcome all challenged athletes and their families who love playing soccer to enjoy our spring and fall sessions. In addition, we provide opportunities for our TOPSoccer athletes to participate in soccer festivals and tournaments year-round, including one of SDSC and San Diego's biggest tournaments, the Pegasus Cup.

The fun takes place Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm. from March through May (Spring Session) at Penasquitos Creek Park, and from August to November (Fall Session) at Rancho Bernardo High School stadium. 

The registration fee is only $20, and serves you through both the spring and summer 2016 sessions. We provide our athletes with a TOPSoccer training t-shirt, an SDSC refillable water bottle, and snacks at the conclusion of each session.

If you have an athlete interested in participating in TOPSoccer or if you are interested in volunteering to support our program by being a "buddy," please email Oscar Eusebio,, or call/text him at 858.683.3357.

Download TOPSoccer Information and Registration Forms:

TOPSoccer Volunteer Information 

TOPSoccer Information

TOPSoccer CalSouth Registration Form

Atlanto-axial Condition Release Form

What is TOPSoccer?
TOPSoccer (which stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based soccer program for young athletes with physical and mental disabilities athlete that provides a safe and fun environment for their child to participate in organized sports. These athletes compete with athletes of similar abilities. Any player, ages 4 and up, who possesses a physical or mental disability that limits their ability to perform at the level of play they have chosen to participate is eligible for the program. Emphasis of this program is on development, training, and providing meaningful participation rather than on competition. TOPSoccer’s goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of Cal South.

A successful TOPSOCCER program has the following:

Placement of players by ability not age
Highlight players’ ability rather than their disability
Make players have a meaningful experience, not just a token player
Make players achieve desired goals without assistance
and FUN! FUN! FUN!


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