Congratulations, 26 SDSC Teams are Champions or 2nd Place in League Play!

San Diego Soccer Club is honored to announce that 26 teams finished in 1st or 2nd place in their gaming league competition this season. Congratulations to all of the coaches and players on this phenomenal accomplishment. 

B2005 Academy Navy - Napier
B2003 Elite Orange - C McFadden
G2003 Academy Navy - Stogsdill 
G2003 Academy Orange - Ruotolo

B2000 Academy Navy - S. McFadden
G2002 Academy Orange - Stogsdill 
B200 Orange - Connelly

Presidio and SDDA 1st
B2010 Orange Marino Garcia 
B2009 Black - Mendoza
B2008 Copper - Flowers 
G2010 Navy - Daum
SDDA G2005 Orange - North

Presidio and SDDA 2nd
B2010 Navy - Flowers
B2009 Navy - Flowers
B2009 Orange - Coughlin
B2008 Black - Armstrong
B2007 Bronze - Domingo
B2005 Silver - Escalera
G2009 Orange - Tennelle
G2008 Orange - Nicholson 
G2007 White - Tantillo
G2006 Black - Hughes
SDDA G2004 Orange - Coach O
G2003 Gold - Coach O
SDDA G2003 White - Jerzy
G2000 Orange - Jerzy