Team Manager Responsibilities

Team Manager Responsibilities

The Team Manager is the liaison between the coach, parents, players and the Club. In addition, the Team Manager will perform the following duties or may delegate some of the duties to another parent on the team.
  • It is important that the Team Manager support the coach by directing all questions concerning player selection, player positions and playing time to the coach.
  • Keep the team organized and running smoothly by communicating practice information and game schedules.
  • Keep the “pulse” on the team and parents by listening and passing concerns on to the coach.
  • Maintain all records and information relevant to game play (e.g. player cards laminated, recording game scores, etc.)
  • Work closely with Club Registrar to register players
  • Handle all aspects of regular season games and playoffs
  • Complete Presidio League game reports – printing score sheets and reporting scores
  • Attend Club Manager meetings
  • Duties that can be delegated:
    • Team Treasurer – who will handle financial duties for the team; collecting money from families to cover team expenses (e.g. tournament registration fees, coach per diem, etc.)
    • Uniform Coordinator – collect/wash and distribute jerseys to the players at all of the games
    • Tournament Registration – check-in team for tournaments
The Club will filter information through the Team Managers to disseminate to their teams. 
It is very important Team Managers communicate regularly with the players and their parents. Communications can be handled via meetings, phone calls and regular emails. For U16 teams and older, it’s a good idea to email the players as well. Older players generally drive themselves to practices, therefore, less face-to-face interaction between Team Managers and the parents.
Provided in this manual is a checklist to help you through the Team Manager responsibilities and guide you through the process of managing a team effectively. Forms mentioned throughout this document can be referenced on the San Diego Soccer Club website (http://www.sandiegosoccerclub.org/forms.htm ).
Team Selection
Players will attend tryouts on the dates as designated by the Club. Once the players for the team have been selected, the next thing to do is meet with the coach.   Have the coach provide you with a list of the players so you can compile a team roster. A roster template is available on the San Diego Soccer Club website (www.sandiegosoccerclub.org).
The next process will be to a schedule a team meeting with parents and/or players to prepare and discuss the expectations for the season. Refer to Team Meeting section for what to prepare for.
Team Meeting
The purpose of having an initial team meeting is to enable the parents, players and coaches to understand the following:
  • Objectives and goals of the program
  • Meet the coach and learn of their experience and coaching background
  • Financial obligations and commitments during registration fees, coaching fees, tournament fees and team expenses
  • Distribute handouts such as team roster, schedule of practices, team goals and rules, etc.
  • Have coach present coaching philosophy and methods
  • Specifics of the program, including required equipment, San Diego Soccer Club Tournaments participation, practice locations, and general team policies
  • Recruit team volunteer positions such as treasurer, tournament manager, uniform coordinator, etc.
  • Facilitate paperwork for player and administrator registration
  • Collect documentation needed for the team binder (e.g. birth certificate, photo, etc.)
  • Complete uniform orders and collect required payment
  • Inform parents of team camps, academy, and other programs
  • Address questions and concerns from parents
Topics of discussion
  • What can you promise the players and their families?
    • You can mention the team entitlement (AA, AAA, Premier) for the coming year and not much else. 
    • You cannot promise a position, scholarship, fee waiver or exemption from required volunteer work to the player or his/her family.
  • When will practices begin and where will they be held?
    • This is an important piece of information because each player on the team will have conflicting weekly schedules.
    • The sooner you can let the parents know, the sooner they can make needed adjustments.
    • Try not to make changes in the middle of the year since many parents will have already made schedule adjustments.
  • Which tournaments is the coach interested in playing prior to the start of the fall season?
    • Work with the coach to prepare a list of tournaments that he/she feels the team must attend.
    • Prepare a list of optional tournaments for the parents so they can determine how each fits into their schedule.
    • Make sure the tournaments that the coach feels are “required” are clearly noted.
    • Several of your families will take vacations during the summer months, so it doesn’t make sense to register for a tournament that only half your players can attend.
    • New coaches may not have firm idea of tournaments they would like to participate in so you many need to rely on the Director of Coaching, the VP of Competitive, or some more knowledgeable parents to help guide through this process.
    • CYSA-South (www.calsouth.com) keeps an updated list of approved tournaments on its website.
  • What is the coaching philosophy for the season?
    • It may sound like an over simplification, but coaches often have specific strategies that they will pursue with teams in certain age groups.
    • For example, with a younger, inexperienced team, the coach may wish to focus primarily on skill building and leave lessons on game strategy for the following season. 
    • Parents need to know this up front because it helps to prevent some inevitable dissatisfaction if the team suffers a string of losses.
What else can you do to prepare for the Team Manager responsibility?
  • Be willing to listen to parent’s complaints and concerns.
  • Keep private information provided to you in confidence.
  • Encourage parents to become active participants in the San Diego Soccer Club organization. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help out!
  • Know the policies of San Diego Soccer Club and be ready to explain them to interested parents. This includes the Bylaws and Standing Rules (available on the website).
  • Handle confrontations one-on-one, not in a public setting. Be willing to listen – often that will be all that is truly needed.
  • Allow the coach to make all the coaching decisions. Don’t make promises for which you have no authority.
  • Be consistent and fair in your dealings with parents and players.

There is a meeting checklist to help assist you in planning your meeting and collecting the documents you will need to complete the team binder. Go to the San Diego Soccer Club website to select the referenced forms.