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Team Summer Camp

All Teams and players U7-U19 may join sessions organized by age group and team. The SDSC Coaching Directors Peter Stogsdill, Seamus McFadden, Brian Quinn, and Raffi Ruotolo offer team-based soccer camps throughout the summer. These camps are focused on developing team and individual technical skills giving each player the opportunity to be coached by our skilled and experienced Coaching Directors. These camps are energizing, motivating and engaging. The camps are open to all SDSC club players. The application deadline is one week before the camp start date.

Full schedule for teams:

June 18-21  |  9AM to 12PM
Rancho Bernardo Community Park
B05 Orange, B05 White, B05 Black, B05 Gold, B05 Silver, B04 White, B04 Black, B04 Gold

June 25-28  |  9AM to 12PM
4S Ranch Sports Park
G05 Navy, G11 Navy, G10 Navy, G10 Orange, G10 White, B12 Navy, B12 Orange, B11 Navy, B11 Orange, B11 White, B10 Orange, B10 White, B10 Black, B10 Gold

June 25-28  |  1PM to 4PM
4S Ranch Sports Park
G09 Navy, G09 Orange, G09 White, G09 Black, B10 Navy, B09 Navy, B09 Orange, B09 White, B09 Black, B09 Gold, B09 Silver

July 9-12  |  9AM to 12PM
Girls Sessions: 4S Ranch Sports Park
Boys Sessions: Black Mountain Middle School
G08 Navy, G08 Orange, G08 White, G08 Black, G08 Gold, G07 Navy, G07 Orange, G07 White, G07 Black, G07 Gold, B08 Orange, B08 White, B08 Black, B08 Gold, B08 Silver, B08 Bronze

July 9-12  |  1PM to 4PM
Girls Sessions: 4S Ranch Sports Park
Boys Sessions: Black Mountain Middle School
G04 Navy, G04 Orange, G04 White, G03 White, G03 Black, G03 Gold, G03 Silver, G02 Orange, G01 Orange, B06 Orange, B06 White, B06 Black, B06 Gold

July 16-19  |  9AM to 12PM
4S Ranch Sports Park
B08 Navy, B07 Orange, B07 White, B07 Black, B07 Gold, G06 Navy, G06 Orange, G06 White,   G06 Black, G06 Gold, G05 Orange, G05 White, G05 Black

July 16-19  |  1PM to 4PM
S Ranch Sports Park
B06 Navy, B05 Navy, B04 Navy, B04 Orange, B03 White, B03 Black, B02 White, B02 Black, B01 Orange



Earlier Event: June 23
Pegasus Cup
Later Event: June 25
Goalkeeper Clinic