Every year San Diego Soccer Club has many players move on to college level play and earn scholarships from D1, D2, D3 and NAIA level schools. Our staff is prepared to help you through the process and achieve success.

SDSC offers its players an in house College Recruiting Player Advisor in addition to exceptional outside tools and resources. Pete Stogsdill and Seamus McFadden are the SDSC Player College Recruiting Advisors. Pete assists the girls teams and Seamus assists the boys teams and have been very successful in assisting many players in the recruiting process working very closely with players to guide them step by step through the recruiting process.

Each team meets with our College Recruiting Advisors and attends one of our highly informative college recruiting information meetings preparing them to use the tools provided below. These are the primary tools and information you need to navigate the college recruiting process for soccer and other sports. 

Player Profile on Elite Scout Net

(Used to create your player profile)

  • Access to an online player profile at http://www.elitescoutnet.com 
  • Usernames/Passwords are your first and last name, all lower case,  no spaces (e.g., johnjones). User and Pass are the same by default.
  • Your URL to send to coaches is: http://www.elitescoutnet.com/members/username (where “username” is your personal username).
  • Sample profile for reference:
  • http://elitescoutnet.com/members/sampleprofile1/
  • Remember, the more thorough you are, the more college coaches can get to know you as a student athlete.
  • To change password, contact stacy@elitescoutnet.com.

Alumni Roster

Alumni players participated in the following clubs: SDSC, Pegasus, FC San Diego, RB Renegades, PQ Premier, PQ Express

Charlie Bush 2014 Montana
Karlie Rubin 2014 Leslie University
Kary Whitney  2014 Seattle Pacific
Kate Shoemaker 2014 University of California, Santa Barbara
Korinda Campbell 2014 Alabama State
Michael Wagenveld 2014 Clairement McKenna
Miles Murphy 2014 Humbolt State University
Sasha Peranteau  2014 Chico State
Valerie Newcomb 2014 Newberry College
Wade Scibilla 2014 University of New Mexico
Casey Schostag 2013 Cal State Fullerton
Cassi Perkins 2013 University of Findlay
Chris Churness
2013 University of Hawaii
Eric Alvarado 2013 Sonoma State University
Justin Kitts 2013 University of California, Davis
Mele Johnson 2013 Swarthmore College
Presley Wiggins 2013 Dominican College
Voja Maric 2013 Pomona
Ashley Hauke 2012 San Diego State University
Erin O’Connor 2012 University of San Diego
Luke Kadilack 2012 Vanguard University
Megan Wagner 2012 Coastal Carolina University / Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Page Uriarte 2012 Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ryan Camara 2012 University of San Diego
Ryan Rohane 2012 Sonoma State University
Torrey DeArmas 2012 University of San Diego
Alex Brusnell 2011 Cal State San Marcos
Allison Proehl 2011 University of Denver
Alyson Rohane 2011 University of Arkansas, Little Rock (UALR)
Amanda Hardy 2011 Azusa Pacific University
Dalin Cutler 2011 Brigham Young University (BYU)
Dana Dyer 2011 Humboldt University
Daneila Fromer 2011 Cal-Poly Pomona
Evan Meyers 2011 Dominican University
Gina Potyl 2011 University of San Diego
Jacob Fenlason 2011 Akron
Kevin Meyer 2011 US Air Force Academy
Kristen Arroyo 2011 University of Redlands
Kyle Jester 2011 Bryant
Linnea Whitney 2011 University of California, Davis
Rafael Talavera 2011 University of California, Santa Cruz
Ramon Martin del Campo 2011 University of California, Davis
Sarah Papapeitro 2011 University of New England
Shannon Hardy 2011 Azusa Pacific University
Alex Egan 2010 Vassar University
Aodhan Quinn 2010 Akron
Audrey Dow 2010 Cal Lutheran
Blake Busse 2010 Naval Academy
Conner Lachenbruch 2010 Yale University
Dylan Wingrove 2010 Biola University
Emily Wynne 2010 Pepperdine University
Francesco Russo 2010 Incarnate Word University (TX)
Francisco Gomez 2010 University of California, Irvine
Ivan Ramos 2010 University of San Francisco
Jeran Nanthakumar 2010 Francis Marion University
Jontae Campbell 2010 Cal Baptist University
Katherine Campbell 2010 Harvard University
Maruicio Dian DeLeon 2010 University of San Francisco
Morgan Crumpley 2010 Santa Barbara City College / Cal State San Marcos
Nick Grigoriev 2010 University of California, Davis
Nikki Wittak 2010 Savannah College of Art and Design
Reynard Ezra-Simbwa 2010 University of California, Santa Barbara
Sergio Lopez 2010 University of San Diego
Leigh Ann Robinson 2007 University of San Diego
Alex Seydel 2006 University of Iowa
Ally Lokanc 2005 University of Nebraska
Jamie Klagees 2005 University of Nebraska
Torrey Delaplane 2005 University of California, Berkeley
Shannon Sullivan 2003 University of San Diego
Shawni Flint 1998 University of San Francisco / San Diego State University
Vince Paccione 1996 Point Loma Nazarene College
Shannon MacMillan 1992 Portland University