Two SDSC Coaches Earn USSF B License


For a large part of 2017 San Diego Soccer Club Coaches, Mark Connelly and Anthony Meza participated in the United States Soccer Federation B License Coaching Course held in Casa Grande, AZ.

The USSF B License is one of the highest licenses a coach can obtain behind the USSF Pro, A Senior, and A youth.

One of the major challenges to the course is the length of time it runs. Mark and Anthony applied for the course in March 2017, were accepted in April and had their first of meetings in August. Each meeting was a week long that consisted of classroom instruction, methodology and key qualities of a B license coach as well as key qualities we as a soccer nation are trying to develop for the US National Team in addition to on field coaching and development. After a week long course, the candidates had a 6 week development period in their home environment consisting of practicing the new methodologies as well as completing weekly assignments that ranged from 2-12 hours.

Mark and Anthony then reported back to Casa Grande in October for their second phase which focused on managing performance environments, leadership of the player and team, and of course the expectations were higher for their coaching proficiency. After another week of lectures and field work, the candidates again headed back into their home environment for coaching development. Again, this period was met with long weekly assignments and revisions in addition to their family, team, work, and life load.

After 6 months of hard work, Coach Mark and Coach Meza reported to Casa Grande in Mid-December for their final testing period. Both candidates had to produce a session in accordance and standards of a US Soccer B License Candidate.

San Diego Soccer Club is pleased to announce that both Mark Connelly and Anthony Meza both passed their B licenses. Both coaches have relayed how they are really grateful for all the support and well wishes of the Board, the DOC’s and the fellow coaches they leaned on-like Brian Quinn, John Napier, and Mike Nicholson for mentorship throughout the process.