Highlights as the Season Comes to an End

Our teams have wrapped up another league season with some stellar results! Here are some highlights from our teams that placed first or second in league:


  • G2001 Elite Orange team (Coach Guariniello) placed 2nd in SCDSL Flight 2 South and were Finalists in Flight 2 playoffs. They also had the following tournament accomplishments this season: Liverpool Cup - Finalists, Pegasus Cup - Champions, Carlsbad Cup - Champions, SoCal Cup - Champions, and PSI Labor Day Cup - Champions.

  • G2003 Academy Navy (Coach Stogsdill) tied for 1st place in SCDSL G2002 Discovery (playing up a year!).

  • G2003 White finished tied for 2nd in SDDA Flight 1.

  • G2004 Orange finished tied for 2nd in SDDA Flight 2.

  • G2004 White won the Presidio AA-B bracket with a 10-0-1 record and 42 Goals For and 5 Goals Against.

  • G2005 Academy Navy (Coach Ruotolo) placed 1st in SCDSL Flight 1 South and were Playoff Finalists! They had a 9-2-1 record with 44 Goals For and 8 Goals Against.

  • G2006 Navy (Coach Montoya) are SCDSL Flight 1 South League Champions! They had an undefeated league season 12-0, with 42 Goals For and 1 Goal Against!

  • G2006 Orange (Coach Jerzy) won their league (Presidio AAA)!

  • G2010 Navy girls played one year up in G2009 SDDA Flight 2. They are undefeated with 57 Goals For and 5 Goals Against!

  • G2010 White won the 2010 Green group with 11-0 record and 47 Goals For and 5 Goals Against.


  • B2000 Orange (Coach Sidebottom) tied for 2nd place in SCDSL Flight 1 and were playoff champions!

  • B2000/01 Academy Navy (Coach Simonyi) tied for 2nd place in SCDSL Flight 1 (playing mainly 1 year up)! They tied with our own B2000 team above.

  • B2003 Navy (Coach Nicholson) tied for 2nd place of 14 teams in Discovery league. They also competed in Surf College Cup and won all 3 games with 2 shutouts!

  • B2009 Orange (Coach Coughlin) placed first in SDDA Flight 2 North. They only lost 1 game the entire season!

  • B2010 Navy (Coach Flowers) finished 2nd in SDDA Flight 1. They are also Western Regional Futsal champions (headed to Kansas City to compete in the National Championship!), Premier Classic Flight 1 winners, Finalist in the Mt. Hood Challenge year 2009, Liverpool Cup Flight 1 winners, and Knotts Forrest Cup Flight 1 winners.

  • B2010 White (Coach Flowers), a brand new team, finished 2nd in Presidio Green North and won 3 tournaments over the summer. 

  • B2010 Black (Coach Domingo) finished first place in their league season! This was a new team of boys and their first season playing competitive!

  • B2012 Navy (Coach Flowers) went undefeated all season in the junior development league. This team didn’t lose a game in their age group the entire year - tournaments and league!

Congrats to all our teams for a wonderful year of hard work and great soccer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram - we’re highlighting accomplishments from all our teams this year!

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