G2003 Wrap Up Opening Weekend with Wins at National League


A HUGE congratulations to Coach Stogsdill’s and Coach Jaffe’s G2003 Navy team on an incredible weekend of soccer in National League play in North Carolina.

The National League brings together some of the best teams in the country, all of which have had to earn their place in the league through success in US Youth Soccer’s top competitive programs. Hundreds of collegiate coaches, as well as members of the U.S. Soccer staff, attended the National League matches in North Carolina to scout some of the top talent in the country.

The girls played four matches and won all four. They finished first place in the Blue Division and lead the 16U Girls’ League in goal differential at 13. Here is a recap of their opening weekend play:

  • 4-0 against OPSA Magic '03 (MD)

  • 4-2 against Michigan Jaguars '03 Green (MI)

  • 4-0 against CSAIU 03G NL Black (OH-N) (NL-R2)

  • 3-0 against PDA Shore Freedom (NJ) (NL-B1)

They will continue on in March at the National League Spring Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada. Should the team finish at the top of the standings after their three remaining games, they will gain an automatic berth in the National Championships next summer.

Coach Pete Stogsdill: “The girls played incredible soccer in all four games. It is not easy to put together four high quality matches in a row like they were able to do. We set a goal of trying to win all four games and the girls stayed focused on that goal the entire trip. They rested, spent a lot of time in the hotel, and took care of their bodies so that they could recover after each match and be ready to play again the next day. I am very proud of them for that. We won our last two games by a combined score of 7-0 over two teams that were among the eight teams that qualified to play in the National Championships last year, one of which (CSAIU) advanced to the semi-finals!”

For more information, check out the CalSouth article, 16U-19U Girls Wrap Up Opening Weekend of 2018-2019 US Youth Soccer National League Season.