SDSC & PROTEUS Athlete Spotlight: Ramón Martin del Campo


San Diego Soccer Club is proud to announce a partnership with PROTEUS | Velocity Sports Performance in 4S Ranch. Our athletes receive a 20% discount on programs and can start with a free trial. Sign up today!

Among the hundreds of athletes, teams and schools PROTEUS has worked with in San Diego, their roster of soccer athletes ranges from youth through the professional level. Today's featured athlete is a former SDSC player, now a professional player and coach!

ATHLETE FEATURE - Ramón Martin del Campo

Ramón is currently a starting Defenseman for Fresno FC in the USL, and began his competitive soccer career under Coaches Brian Quinn and Mark Connelly with F.C. San Diego (now San Diego Soccer Club). For the past few off-seasons, Ramón has trained at PROTEUS | Velocity Sports Performance, and helped coach young players for San Diego Soccer Club.

In 2014, following four successful seasons at the University of California, Davis, Ramón was called up to the US National U23 Team, then joined the San Jose Earthquakes in the Premier Development League and was named one of three finalists for PDL’s “Young Player of the Year” Award that year.  He signed his first professional contract with MLS prior to the 2015 Super Draft, and went on trial with the LA Galaxy. He has since played professionally for Deportivo Saprissa, Puerto Rico FC and the Ottawa Fury before signing with Freson FC in January 2018.

  • When did you first decide to start training at PROTEUS | Velocity Sports Performance?
    “In December 2016 as a rookie in professional soccer, and I have since spent the past two off seasons training at PROTEUS.”

  • What were some of the reasons impacting your decision to start training with PROTEUS?
    “The professional ranks are so cut-throat, and if I wanted compete as a professional I needed something to separate me from the pack.”  

  • What are some ways that you have seen the training experience with PROTEUS impact your performance in soccer?
    “The training at PROTEUS has impacted me massively. My first offseason with them they prepared me to get to new a club and compete for the starting spot there. I won the spot in a week. I was mentally more prepared, and physically I felt as if I were a lion among sheep. I felt faster, stronger and fitter. My thinking and decision making were faster, and my reflexes were sharper. I now had a new view of competing and a plan of attack to accomplish my goal of thriving at the highest levels of professional soccer.”

  • How has the training experience here impacted your life beyond soccer?
    “The training has encouraged me to dive deeper into the science behind training, and I now hope one day to coach in a place like PROTEUS to help develop the next generation of athletes accomplish their own goals. Coach Huntley has done an excellent job making PROTEUS a place that fosters the true champion lifestyle. I'm not only a better athlete, but I'm also a better person because of this. We learn to be champions on and off the field.”

  • What do you like best about the training experience at PROTEUS?
    ”I love that everything is a competition, they integrate tough military principles and teach that "it pays to be a winner". We are competing together in training, and it turns all the athletes into leaders and we all create camaraderie. At the end of training we become a family, and everyone looks out for their family. We all IMPROVE.”

  • What advice or insights would you give to parents or athletes that are considering engaging in training at PROTEUS?
    “The level of sports has grown and is going to keep growing. The game is getting faster and stronger. Young athletes need as many tools and wise teachers as possible, and you will find all those qualities training at PROTEUS. I was able to gain all of this at the age of 22, so I can only imagine what I'd be like if I had this at age 10!”