Training Programs

Proteus offers a variety of training options and programs, from age 8 on up through the professional ranks.  
Group Training and Team Training are the predominant (and preferred) means of training the athletes.  They also offer individual, one-on-one private training for athletes with tight schedules or who want to work most directly with coaches.  

The 2019 Summer Program is about to kick-off, with both morning and evening training sessions for athletes to optimize their schedules and maximize the number of training sessions they get in each week.  

Space is limited, so we encourage you to contact them directly or visit for more information:

(858) 592-7766
4S Ranch location:
Instagram: @proteusathlete

Weekly Training Schedule

The following schedule for Group Training is offered year-round.  This Youth group is for ages 8 to 11, the Middle School group is for ages 12 to 14 and the High School group is for ages 15 and up.  

Monday - Thursday
4pm Youth (60 min)
5pm Middle School (60 min)
6pm High School (90 min)

4pm Youth (60 min)
5pm Middle School (60 min)
5pm High School (60 min)

9:30am Youth (60 min)
10:30am Middle School (60 min)
11:30am High School (90 min)

Summer Sessions

Starting Monday, June 17th, through Friday, August 16th, they will also offer the following morning sessions for summer members, Monday through Friday:
9am Youth (60 min)
9am Middle School (75 min)
10:30am High School (90 min) 

Free Training Session

We encourage all SDSC athletes and families to experience Proteus programs first-hand, and the first time is always free.

We want to ensure that they're a good fit all the way around, and that athletes want to be there, want to be challenged and are willing to put in the work that it takes to upgrade their performance capacity.  

The kind of training that it takes to become faster and stronger, prevent injury and prepare for competition is not to be taken lightly.  While incredibly fun and rewarding, we intentionally challenge, push and encourage our athletes to reach their ultimate potential, both on and off the field. Learn about signing up for a free session.

Coaching Staff

Proteus has a team of passionate and well-credentialed Performance Coaches who are eager to help increase the performance capacity of SDSC athletes and teams. Each coach is well-versed in developing the complete athlete, and brings a unique background and perspective to our training experience.

Blending the most proven methods of sport science with the art of coaching, they help propel athletes to reach higher and higher levels of competition and performance capacity.  

Most notably, they have two Performance Coaches (Jamie Beamish and Lewis Grant) from England and Scotland, both with advanced sport science and exercise physiology degrees, and collegiate-level playing experience in soccer, both in the US and the UK.