Group Training Programs

Youth (ages 8-11)

60 minutes
4pm Monday – Friday
9:30am Saturday

The PROTEUS Youth Program lays a solid foundation of movement skill, athleticism and confidence at an early age. They combine the most proven methods for developing strength, speed and work capacity in young athletes, with the art of coaching and a positive, challenging environment that inspires kids to fully-engage.

They also cultivate a knowledge and desire for self-discipline outside of training in the key areas of nutrition, sleep quality, technology, relationships and teamwork that are essential to becoming a true, all around athlete. Effort, consistency and character are equally valued and important at this stage as sport skill or physical ability.

Key areas of focus:

  • Movement Skill & Economy
  • Strength, Balance & Coordination
  • Speed & Multi-Direction Basics
  • High Work Capacity
  • Enjoyment & Confidence

Middle School (ages 12-14)

60 minutes
5pm Monday – Friday
10:30am Saturday

PROTEUS increases the intensity and complexity level of training in the Middle School stage to facilitate major upgrades in an athletes overall performance capacity. Prioritizing training, nutrition and recovery is equally important for preventing injury, burnout or psychological fatigue that can result from early sport specialization.

Athletes and families who fully-engage in the system will experience significant improvements in strength, speed, agility, power and endurance. At the same time, their rigorous training culture concurrently enhances the inner fortitude, focus and decision-making of young athletes, both on and off the playing field.

Key areas of focus:

  • Strength & Power Development
  • Expansion of Work Capacity
  • Biomechanics & Speed Training
  • Mindset Formation
  • High Performance Lifestyle

High School (ages 14-18)

90 minutes
6pm Monday – Thursday
5pm Friday
11:30am Saturday

The “Proving Ground” of long-term athlete development, those who committed to the process early on will thrive in competition, and compound years of sequential progress into an opportunity to compete at the next level. For athletes just starting the process at this stage, the highest priority must be given to strength training and the rapid expansion of work capacity.

Nutrition, sleep, relationships and technology all play a vital role in recovery and readiness to compete at this stage of development. PROTEUS expects our athletes to be stronger, faster and better-conditioned than the typical high school athlete, displaying true mental toughness and a burning desire to compete and lead under any conditions.

Key areas of focus:

  • Strength, Speed & Power
  • Enhanced Recovery & Support
  • Attack Individual Limitations
  • High Performance Lifestyle (“train, eat, sleep, compete, recover, repeat”)
  • Next Level Readiness

Group Training Memberships

PROTEUS offers 1-month and 3-month Memberships in all of Group Training Programs, providing unlimited access each week. They also offer a 10-pack of sessions that can be used over a four-month span for excessively busy athletes that are only able to train once per week.

SDSC athletes and their families (including non-SDSC siblings) receive an exclusive 20% discount off all programs and services.

Summer Training Program

From mid-June to mid-August, PROTEUS provides morning training sessions and the most comprehensive program possible for competitive athletes who are most committed to making big leaps in the summer.

Middle School and High School athletes will train together four to five days each week, for eight straight weeks, with active recovery, mobility, mindset formation, nutrition coaching, motivational guest speakers and game day prep integrated into each week’s programming.

Current Members are given priority access to the limited spots in our Summer Training Program.

Private Training

In addition to core group training programs, PROTEUS also provides individualized private training and performance coaching. Here they directly attack individual limitations that can unlock major upgrades to performance capacity in the most efficient manner. While not a replacement or replication of the group training experience, private training is highly beneficial for older athletes with more limited schedules and specific objectives.

Testing & Assessment

You cannot change what you do not measure. PROTEUS is intentional about testing all of our athletes periodically to measure progress, identify priorities for training and recovery and provide accountability to the process of development. Part of the testing process includes sophisticated body composition analysis to optimize nutrition planning, identify structural imbalances that could preclude injuries and simply measure the overall physiological impact of an athletes training program.

They also provide team-wide testing and assessment events to empower coaches with actionable information on the development, capacity and readiness of their teams.

Advanced Physical Therapy

PROTEUS is San Diego’s leading provider of the ARP Wave System for the rapid healing and rehabilitation of soft tissue pain and injury. The ARP Wave is the technology of choice for the world’s most elite athletes, across every major sport, and a game changer for our young athletes who happen to experience pain or injury during the developmental stages of their career.

This FDA-approved system of soft tissue rehabilitation can dramatically enhance and accelerate the healing power of the body, eliminate the root cause of pain or injury, rather than just treat the symptoms, and quickly prepare the body to perform and recover at a much higher level than before pain or injury occurred.