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What is recreational soccer? +

Recreational soccer is focused on developing soccer skills in a fun and low pressure environment. Age levels range from 3-14. Everyone that signs up by the deadline is guaranteed a spot on a team and plays a minimum of 50% of the game. Generally, parent volunteers are the coaches for these teams. We offer recreational coaching clinics to enhance our coaching staff knowledge. We are dedicated to providing a positive experience for all players. Teams are formed by location of coach and field availability. We honor requests when possible, however we offer no guarantees.

When is registration for recreational soccer? +

Registration for spring soccer is November–February and for fall soccer is May-July.

Can I register late? +

Yes, registrations received after posted deadlines are subject to a late fee. Please see the RB Rec and PQ Rec pages for fee information. If you register after the season begins, we do not prorate the registration fee.

Can I register after the start of the season? +

After this date, if no openings exist, we form a wait list. When an opening becomes available, you will fill out the registration form and pay the fees and your child is placed on a team.

How old does my child have to be? +

All age groups are based on the year of birth.

Can all my children be on the same team? +

There are separate teams for girls and boys. Teams are formed by age.

Can my child play in a different age group? +

There are no move "downs" but you can request a move "up" in age. Your child must be of comparable size and skill of the next age level. You must request a move up on your registration form.

Who coaches recreational teams? +

Generally, parent volunteers coach our teams. We offer recreational coaching clinics to enhance our coaching staff knowledge. We are dedicated to providing a positive experience for all players. We ask parents, coaches and players to agree to maintain a positive attitude by signing a Parent Pledge Form which you will find under our "Forms" tab.

I have never played soccer. Can I still coach? +

Absolutely! We rely on adults that want to be involved with their children. We offer coaching clinics and there are plenty of resources on the web for the beginner coach.

Who decides when and where practices are held? +

One of the benefits of coaching is getting to select when and where to hold practices (in most cases). A coach will have one or two practices per week between 60-90 minutes each between the hours of 4:30 and 8:30pm either at a local park or school within our district.

How are teams formed? +

We try to group children according to their school or by geographic area.

How many players are on a team? +

  • For RB Rec, U6 plays 4v4 (4 field players and no goalkeeper) and has eight players per team. U8-U10 plays 7v7 (6 field players + goalkeeper) and has 10-11 players per team. U12 plays 9v9 (8 field players + goalkeeper) and has 12-13 players per team, and U14 plays 11v11 (10 field players + goalkeeper) with 12-16 players per team.
  • For PQ Rec, U6 plays 4v4 (4 field players and no goalkeeper) and has seven players per team. U8-U10 plays 7v7 (6 field players + goalkeeper) and has 10 players per team. U12 plays 9v9 (8 field players + goalkeeper) and has 12 players per team, and U14-U19 plays 11v11 (10 field players + goalkeeper) with 18 players per team.

When and where are are games played? +

  • For RB Rec, most games are played on Saturdays at Bernardo Heights Middle School or Rancho Bernardo Community Park. During the Fall season, our upper divisions (U12 & U14) join an intra-league play with Penasquitos, Poway and Scripps teams. They will play some games on those home fields as well.
  • For PQ Rec, the spring season games are on Sundays at Penasquitos Creek Park. For the fall season, most games are played on Saturdays at Canyonside Park & Black Mountain Middle School. U16-U19 will be playing in the Presidio league, playing other clubs in the area.

When do I find out who my child's coach is and what team they are on? +

  • For RB Rec, you are notified of team placement approximately two weeks before the season begins. You will not hear anything prior to this time.
  • For PQ Rec, you are notified of team placement approximately one month before the first game. You will not hear anything prior to this time.

Where are practices held? +

  • For RB Rec, practices are usually held at schools in the Poway Unified School District.
  • For PQ Rec, practices are usually held at fields throughout the PQ area. Permitted fields include Rolling Hills, Penasquitos Creek, Adobe Bluffs and others.

What if I haven't been notified by then? +

If it is within two weeks of the start of the season, please contact Jim (RB Rec) or Haydn (PQ Rec).

Can I make a request for my child to play with a coach or another child? +

Yes, but the request must be on the registration form. Remember, if the coach or child is not in the right age group, we can't honor the request. We try to honor as many requests as we can but there are so many children playing that we are unable to accommodate every request.

What do I get with my registration? +

Each child registered receives a jersey, shorts and socks. Also includes a league picture package and a trophy. You will need to provide shin guards, cleats, a water bottle and a ball for practice. Uniforms will be distributed by coaches at a practice.

What ball size does each age group use? +

Instructional and Developmental League: size #3; U8-U12: size #4; and U14: size #5.

Do I need to buy soccer cleats? +

Soccer cleats are not required for the Instructional League. For U6-U16, soccer cleats should have plastic or molded rubber studs. The studs must not be sharp (e.g. baseball cleats) and cleats with a single stud at the toe (e.g. American football cleats) are illegal. Please note: nothing dangerous can be worn during a game. Included but not limited to jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, hair clips and hats.

Are there Sunday games? +

  • For RB Rec, there are no Sunday games.
  • For PQ Rec, the spring Season does play on Sundays. The fall season games are on Saturdays.

Do we play in the rain? +

It depends on field conditions. We generally play rain or shine. Lightning is the only reason we will cancel games. Check web site on game day. Coaches will notify parents if games are cancelled. If there is nothing on web site about games being cancelled and your coach doesn't call then you should proceed to fields. Game status will be determined by referees at the field.

What if my referee doesn't show up? +

If there is another licensed referee attending the game they may step in and referee. If there is none then coaches should agree on a volunteer to do so. The games should start on time no matter what. If coaches cannot agree on a volunteer then the match should be cancelled. The Home coach should notify the field marshal after the game that no referee was present.

What is competitive (club) soccer? +

Competitive (or club) soccer is for those players whose skills and desire to compete are more advanced than the typical recreational player. They play in a more competitive environment, tend to play together all year long and play tournaments. For those players and parents that want to commit the time and money, competitive soccer can be a fun experience. The first age in this program is the U8 age group. Tryouts take place in January/February.

Do you need sponsorships? +

Yes, it takes much more money than we take in from registration to run the league. We have to pay for field use, equipment, referees, uniforms, field maintenance, insurance, scholarships, and much more.

Can I volunteer to help? +

Absolutely! We are a volunteer organization. There are many jobs that need to be done in order to have our children play soccer. You can check this off on your registration form or contact an SDSC board member.

Can I get a refund for my registration fee? +

We give refunds only with a medical excuse or if you have relocated out of the area. All requests for refunds must be in writing and sent to the director for either RB Rec or PQ Rec. If your child was already placed on a team there is a $30.00 service fee deducted from refund.

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For PQ Rec, contact Haydn Mitchell.
For RB Rec, contact Jim Flowers.