Risk Management

San Diego Soccer Club Risk Management Plan

Under the direction of the United States Youth Soccer Association and in conjunction with the Southern branch of the California Youth Soccer Association (Calsouth), San Diego Soccer Club (SDSC) has adopted a risk management program that includes the KidSafe Program. As responsible adults we are concerned with all potential risks to our players, members and to SDSC, itself.  The PQ Recreational Soccer and RB Recreational Soccer programs are entities of SDSC and as such, fall under the SDSC Risk Management Program.

These risks fall roughly into three categories; First Aid and Safety, Child Abuse, and Fiscal risks. We routinely review our "SDSC Risk Management Plan", and upgrade it when necessary. For more information please follow the links in the menu above to the SDSC Risk Management Plan or to the Disclosure Statement Form.

Position Statement

The San Diego Soccer Club dedicates itself to the principles of managing potential risks to the club and its members. Risks will be examined and steps taken to avoid them. It is the intent of SDSC to apply this philosophy to all aspects of the club’s operations. The United States Youth Soccer Association and Calsouth have adopted the KidSafe Program as part of their Risk Management plan. SDSC endorses this program. It is the intent of this plan that every reasonable effort will be taken, under the guidelines of the KidSafe Program, to exclude from program responsibilities, including but not limited to coaching, team management, and administration, any individual with a legally documented history of sexual abuse, child molestation, or other criminal record. Thus the health and safety of all persons associated with SDSC and their club related financial assets will be better protected.

Program Policy:

A. General

1. The SDSC Executive Board of Directors will select an Executive Board Member to take on the responsibilities of administering the SDSC’s Risk Management Program. This person will be referred to as the League Risk Management Coordinator (LRMC). The LRMC must ensure that discretion and confidentiality will always be used when dealing with sensitive information pertaining to individuals associated with SDSC. 

2. The LRMC will ensure that the SDSC’s Risk Management Plan is communicated to the groups listed below. The LRMC or an appropriate representative will make presentations.

Administrative Board
Select Team Managers
Division Coordinators (Recreational Coaches and Team Parents) 
Team Coaches and Trainers

B. First Aid and Safety:

  1. All Competitive Coaches will have CPR and First Aid training (optional for recreational coaches).
  2. All team admins (coaches, managers, assistants, team treasurers, etc), and board members are required to complete Cal South's Concussion Online Training. Please review and complete the Heads Up to Youth Sports online training certificate here.
  3. All coaches or managers shall have medical release forms for all players in their charge.
  4. All Competitive Coaches will have a copy of their discipline policy on file with the club.
  5. Players should be in the company an adult when they are walking between the fields and parking lots and restroom.  If an adult is not available children should travel in groups of two or more rather than alone.
  6. At least one responsible parent should be in attendance at all team functions.

C. Child Abuse and Criminal History; the Livescan Background Check:

  1. All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, (anyone who leads a practice or training session), Team Managers, Team Parents, and SDSC Officials must complete and a Livescan background check. The Calsouth Risk Management Team that will be notified if any individuals do not pass the background check and will notify SDSC via letter.
  2. All coaches and Team Administrators are mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse. Reports will be immediately made to the LRMC, who will immediately report such cases of suspected child abuse to the County Child Abuse authorities and Calsouth RMC.
  3. The LRMC in conjunction with the club registrar will compile a list of all SDSC Club members and Coaches that are required to have a Livescan background check, and insure that all do so.  Calsouth or SDSC can not recognize Livescan background checks done on behalf of any other entities including but not limited to clubs, organizations, or employers.
  4. The LRMC will collect "Request for Livescan Service Forms" and forward them to Calsouth.
  5. Any person refusing to complete the required form will not be allowed to assume their responsibilities for SDSC.
  6. The LRMC will inform all individuals who are dismissed about the appeals process conducted by Calsouth.
  7. The LRMC will establish "point of contact" with local legal authorities such as the County Child Abuse authorities, the Police or Sheriff.
  8. The LRMC will assist Calsouth in all investigations of Coaches and Officials.

D. Fiscal Risks:

  1. The LRMC will work with the club’s treasurer to analyze potential financial risks to the club and take steps to avoid them.
  2. Two authorized signatures will be required on all checks written from team accounts.
  3. An Audit will be done every year by a member of the Executive Board and a report made to the Club.

Everyone Deserves Respect

Harassment Policy (SDSC Risk Management) - A GUIDE FOR PLAYERS, COACHES, AND PARENTS

It is the position of the San Diego Soccer Club that everyone associated with our club deserves the right to pursue their interest in the game of soccer without being harassed.

Definition: Conduct which has the purpose or effect of interfering unreasonably with a persons well being or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Harassment includes slurs, epithets, verbal abuse, derogatory comments, unwelcome touches, force or threat of force through outright actions or intimidation, vandalism to personal property, and abusive behavior.
SDSC’s Policy:

  • These behaviors will not be tolerated between players, between players and coaches, parents, and coaches, or anyone affiliated with SDSC and Referees.
  • It is the responsibility of all Administrators, Coaches and Parents involved with SDSC to foster and maintain an atmosphere which is conducive to harassment-free interactions.
  • It is the responsibility of every Player, Parent, Coach, and Administrator to avoid engaging in harassing behaviors.
  • No reprisals of any kind shall be taken by or against any participant in a complaint procedure by reason of such participation.

Advice - What to do if it happens to you:

  • Don’t ignore it. Harassment does not usually go away.
  • Tell your harasser to stop.
  • Don’t blame yourself and don’t feel helpless.
  • Seek help from someone your trust.
  • Keep a written record of every incident.
  • Talk it over with someone you trust.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Contact a member of the SDSC Board of Directors that you trust.
  • Submit a written complaint to the SDSC Board of Directors.

Possible Actions:

Upon receipt of an allegation of harassment, SDSC shall, in accordance with the policies and procedures of SDSC and Calsouth, convene a Trial Board of three Executive Directors or more including the LRMC to adjudicate the complaint.  The findings of the Board will be brought to Calsouth for final ruling.  Possible ramifications may include: 1) Probation, defined as an official period of warning where any further violations may result in an immediate hearing, or 2) Suspension, defined as the complete cessation of any and all affiliated activities. All benefits of membership are removed. Suspension from one League is suspension from all Leagues.

The LRMC shall immediately report any allegations of harassment endangering the safety of children to Calsouth and the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

How to Become Risk Managed

Start with the Cal South Risk Management resource. That page includes information on how to get a Live Scan service done and where to go. 

Please request the technician provide you with two copies of the Request for Live Scan Form once the technician has completed the Live Scan process and filled in the form. One form should be kept by the participant for their records, and the other should be forwarded to the LRMC. Our LRMC is Terri Moran and you may email the form to rbysa.registrar@gmail.com.

Please let the technician know that you are doing this for Cal South so you receive our negotiated rate of $15.